Inter / After Coolers  
Parkaire offers Shell & Tube type Inter / After Coolers for use in multistage compressed air systems. These are designed for direct / floor mounting arrangement. These are available in standard horizontal / vertical models, with or without built in Moisture Separators. These are available from 30 CFM to 10,000 CFM. These are designed at 7 Kg per sq. cm gauge. For Inter / After Coolers of higher capacities at different pressures please contact us.

Water Cooled Inter / After Cooler with Moisture Separator

Oil Coolers  
Parkaire offers Fin & Tube type Oil Coolers to cool Transformer Oil, Lube Oil, Tempering Oil etc. Oil is cooled in tubes using ambient air with the help of fan & motor.
These Coolers can be used in compressed air systems as an Air Cooled Inter / After Coolers.

Water Cooled Oil Coolers are also designed & offered.

Air Cooled Oil Cooler