Parkaire offers Shell & Tube DX – Chillers from 3TR to 200TR capacity. These Chillers are built in a wide variety of sizes from 6 inch to 30 inch in diameter. Length vary from 3 feet to 24 feet over the tube heads. The Chillers are designed for a pressure of 7 Kg per gauge on shell side and 10.6 Kg per gauge on refrigerant side.

They are tested at 14 Kg per gauge hydraulically followed by 10.6 Kg. per gauge on shell side pneumatically & 21 Kg per sq cm gauge on tube side pneumatically. The Chillers are fabricated as per TEMA / ASME unfired pressure vessels codes & ASHRAE standards requirements. Chillers for sea water marine application or with steels shells are also offered & designed as per customer specific requirements.