Parkaire the leaders in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers all kinds of Central Air Conditioning and Refrigeration plants up to 400TR installed capacity. Plants of higher capacities can be designed and installed as per specific requirement.
We have designed and achieved 28% Relative Humidity with Air Conditioning plants.

In house Detailed Engineering for all manufactured items i.e Process (Thermal) Design, Mechanical Design and Fabrication Drawings, fully utilizing the modern tools of computer Aided Designing where the real strength of Parkaire lies. We have software for heat load calculation, duct designing and piping designing.
Central Air Conditioning Plant Installed at
Chakeri Air Force Station Kanpur

We manufactures all Air Conditioning equipments such as
Fin & Tube type Condensers

Shell & Tube type Condensers
Centrifugal Blowers

Fan Coil Units
Air Handling Units

Cooling coils
Axial Flow Fans